Referral Scheme

"A referral is the key to the Door of Resistance" - Bo Bennet

Word of Mouth is a very powerful tool for any form of business marketing. Having heard from a trusted friend of a product's excellence leaves a strong impression of that product's credibility. This is why we value and want to reward any clients or friends who successfully refer a new client to us. 
To be eligible for the referral program:
  • The client must be a new sign up.
  • The client must have paid for the 3 months commitment upfront payment upon sign up.
  • The client must send us a referral confirmation email to, indicating that you are the referrer by providing the following information:
    • Referrer's full name
    • Referrer's contact number
    • Referrer's company name
    • With the subject of email being "Referral Confirmation"
To reward existing clients who refer a new client to us, we will waive one month of your subscription fees.
For non existing clients and/or friends, we will present you with a $100 cheque (bearing your name) as a gesture of our appreciation.
When we receive the referral confirmation email from our new client; the referee and you willingly accept that the cheque will bear your name as the referrer. Both the referee and referrer agree to the terms that Simplicity Coy LLP is not held responsible for any disputes that may occur between the referrer and referee.