Staying replenished has never been this easy

Request For Quotation

Requests for quotations (RFQ) are the seeds of the procurement process, SimplicityCoy Purchasing for small businesses can automatically generate a RFQ when a product's stock falls below the threshold. Stay replenished without watching your stock levels. Alternatively, you can also create RFQs as and when necessary. Send the RFQ in pdf file to supplier via email directly from SimplicityCoy.

Purchase Order

Convert a RFQ to a purchase order with just one click. As SimplicityCoy is an integrated business system, your warehouse will also get informed to receive the stock once the purchase order is confirmed. No more worries about human error during the process. Send the purchase order in pdf file to supplier via email directly from SimplicityCoy Purchasing. 

Call For Bids

When the need arises to get quotations from multiple suppliers, SimplicityCoy Purchasing Call for Bids feature is exactly what you need to streamline the process. Group suppliers into a single Call for Bids, send a RFQ to them with a click, and then follow up to confirm which supplier to purchase from.

Product Management

Be it physical products or services, SimplicityCoy Purchasing has simplified the sale and purchase flow. Get informed whenever you try to sell a product that has run out of stock. Does a product have different colours or parts? No problem, simply create product variants for the individual colours.

Why do you need SimplicityCoy Purchasing?

Manage tenders or call for bids online

Issue RFQ and purchase order online

Product stock update on the fly

Simplifying your business. Simple is genius.

Operating a business can be Simple .