Point of Sales

"Retail is very simple. We buy in bulk and we sell in singles. But, god, we make it complicated."

– Bob Willett, Best Buy

Mobile Retail

Point of sales for brick and mortar shop is common. With a 4G internet connection, SimplicityCoy POS can be used anywhere. The POS tablet can roam freely and be used within the shop's WiFi range.

Fully Integrated

Everything is integrated in SimplicityCoy. All point of sales are send back to Inventory, Sales and Invoicing in real time. All POS transactions are stored online so stop wasting receipt paper to print closing summary.


SimplicityCoy POS interface can be started online from iPads, Android tablets or laptops but remain operational offline in the event of internet disruption. Ability to handle multiple customers per POS terminal to maximize efficiency at checkout.

Simple to Use

Clean and straight forward interface takes away any guesswork on how to use SimplicityCoy POS. Minimal training required to be proficiency in using SimplicityCoy POS.

Point of Sale Hardware

We can provide POS hardware at additional cost which includes:

  • Barcode Scanner
  • Receipt Printer
  • Cash Register
  • Tablet
For more information, please check our pricing page.
* Note: Internet is required at your shop for SimplicityCoy POS to work.

Why do you need SimplicityCoy POS?

To handle high volume of sales at shop

No wire connection from hardware to POS tablet

Get personal with in-store customers and checkout on-the-fly

Simplifying your business. Simple is genius.

Operating a business can be Simple .