"Inventories can be managed, but people must be led." - Ross Perot

Delivery Orders

Be it incoming stock or outgoing stock, SimplicityCoy uses delivery orders to keep track of all stock movement. Never lose track of your stock again with back orders created for partial stock receipt or delivery. Simply create delivery orders with a click from the sales order - it's all seamless.

Inventory Adjustments

Stolen, loss of stock or even extra stock received from supplier affects your stock accuracy. Adjust stock numbers in SimplicityCoy anytime you want. Divide and conquer the dreadful yearly stock take by having multiple users utilise the Inventory Adjustment feature at the same time.

Incoming Shipments

Always stay informed of incoming stock with SimplicityCoy. When a purchase order is confirmed, be ready to receive incoming shipments. Only part of the stock has been delivered? No worries, use our back orders feature to wait for the outstanding stock.

Stock Reordering

You have full control over how much toorder when a product's stock falls below the threshold. Integration with SimplicityCoy's Purchasing feature makes staying replenished effortless.

Why do you need SimplicityCoy Inventory?

Stay aware of stock levels and movement

Automatic stock reordering

Warehouse team access one online system

Better visibility of stock in warehouse

Simplifying your business. Simple is genius.

Operating a business can be Simple .