“The e-commerce industry is a force that no investor can afford to ignore.”  
- Credit-Suisse Cushla Sherlock

Expand your market

The internet is the world. Sell your products online so shoppers can buy at their comfort. Reach out beyond your domestic market. Let the website do the selling.

Fully Integrated

Everything is integrated in SimplicityCoy. All information are send back to Inventory, Sales and Invoicing in real time. No more manual coordination means one less pain point.

Full Design Control

Integrated website editor allows you to update the pages whenever required. Editing a webpage doesn't get any easier than drag and drop and editing on the fly. A pretty website is not a dream anymore.

Why do you need SimplicityCoy eCommerce?

Increase sales from online global market

Followup with online sales from integrated backend

Create beautiful website easily

Professional image with trendy website

Simplifying your business. Simple is genius.

Operating a business can be  Simple .