Online CRM

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all." - Michael LeBoeuf

Customers are the driving force of a business. Having customers does not guarantee a successful business, but attaining a high level of customer satisfaction does. SimplicityCoy's online CRM features provides a set of simple tools to help you care for your customers. 

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Features in SimplicityCoy online CRM:


Be it a sales, new customer or business opportunity lead, SimplicityCoy CRM helps you easily convert qualified leads to an opportunity in a couple of clicks.


Keep track of opportunities easily in the revolutionary kanban view that shows you critical information at a glance.


Get instant visual information on leads analysis in Reporting.  

Payment Follow Up

View all payment follow ups that require your attention from My Follow-Ups. Generate follow up emails and letters when payments are overdue. SimplicityCoy CRM can also be configured to inform you when manual action is required.

Meetings Calendar

Keep track of your meetings and share calendars within your company. Schedule a meeting by creating an event in the calendar and include colleagues or customers effortlessly. Attendees will receive an email requesting their attendance.

What is CRM?

CRM in short actually means customer relationship management. Basically its a software that helps you to manage your ever growing portfolio of customers. With our CRM feature, you will be able to track customer information, payments and meetings with ease.

Why do you need SimplicityCoy CRM?

Sales team access one online CRM

Sales manager track progress online

Spend less time consolidating sales reports

Stay aware of expected revenues

Try SimplicityCoy CRM free for 30 days.

Simplifying your business. Simple is genius.

Operating a business can be Simple .