Inventory Adjustments

There will be situations where you perform stock check exercises in your warehouse and probably found that some stock went missing, stolen or even extra stock found that were unaccounted for. After these stock check exercises, you can use Inventory Adjustments to update the real quantity on hand.

Go to Warehouse -> Inventory Control -> Inventory Adjustments, then click .

Inventory Adjustments start form

  • Inventory Reference
    • Enter a name for this inventory adjustment exercise.
  • Inventory of
    • All products: Upon click , all stockable products will be listed for you to change its Real Quantity.
    • One product only: Tick this option and you will see a new field Inventoried Product appear beside. Choose the one product that you will be adjusting its Real Quantity. Upon click , only that one stockable product will be listed for you to change its Real Quantity.

Click  when you are ready to do adjustments.

For this example, we will be using Inventory of All products option to show the capabilities of this feature.

Inventory Adjustment form

If you need to set all products quantity to 0, click .

Otherwise, to update products quantity, change the Real Quantity of individual products.

When you are done, click  to commit the quantity changes.

Note: Only Simplicity Warehouse Manager has the access rights to perform Inventory Adjustments.