Creating a Reordering Rule

Go to Warehouse -> Configuration -> Reordering Rules, then click .

Reordering Rules form

  • Name
    • A name with incremental numbering as shown in the screenshot will be automatically populated, but you may change it.
  • Product
    • Select the product that this reordering rule applies on.
  • Minimum Quantity
    • If stock on hand falls below Minimum Quantity, a request for quotation will be created.
  • Maximum Quantity
    • System will purchase stock to replenish to Maximum Quantity or beyond.
  • Quantity Multiple
    • System will purchase stock in multiples of the quantity specified up to Maximum Quantity. Example: 5 will result system purchase in block of 5, 10, 15, 20 and so on.  13 will result system purchase in block of 13, 26, 39 and so on.

How the system will reorder depends on Minimum Quantity, Maximum Quantity and Quantity Multiple.

Example: as shown in the screenshot above:

Product: Paper

Minimum Quantity: 5

Maximum Quantity: 20

Quantity Multiple: 5

How does it work: If Paper stock on hand falls below 5, then upon run scheduler, this reordering rule will activate and create a request for quotation for Paper with quantity 15. Because Quantity Multiple is 5, thus purchase quantity is 5+5+5=15.  If Quantity Multiple was 4, then purchase quantity would be 4+4+4+4=16, resulting stock on hand to be 21 eventually. Therefore, there is always a possibility that reordering rule will purchase more than Maximum Quantity.

To further understand in overview how automatic stock reordering works in relation with Supplier and Products, please see How does automatic stock reordering works?

Note: Only Simplicity Warehouse Manager have the access rights to create and edit reordering rules.