Creating a Delivery Method

Go to Warehouse -> Configuration -> Delivery Methods then click .

Delivery Method form

  • Delivery Method
    • Enter a name for this delivery method.
  • Transport Company
    • Choose or create a partner as the transport company
  • Delivery Product
    • This is the product that can be added when the delivery method is selected at the sales order.
  • Normal Price
    • The price for this delivery method.
  • Free If Order Total Amount Is More Than
    • Tick this and a new text field will appear for you to enter the qualifying amount that will allow free delivery.

When you are done, click on .

Delivery Method is used in quotation and sales order. You can specify a Delivery Method then add it in as a item to have its price included in the quotation or sales order.

Note: Only Simplicity Warehouse Manager has the access rights to create and edit Delivery Methods.