Processing Ready to Transfer Delivery Orders and Receipts

Go to Warehouse -> Operations -> All Operations.

Graph view of Receipts and Delivery Orders

For explanation on the links in the boxes, please see About Delivery Orders and Receipts.

In the following example, we will process receipts. Therefore, all Transfers are receiving stock.

Usually, you will click on Ready link to process receipt.

List view of Ready orders to process

Click on the receipt that you want to process.

Form view of receipt

When the receipt is ready to be processed, the stage of the receipt will be at .

Click  to process this receipt. A popup dialog will appear as shown below.

Transfer popup dialog

To receive the full incoming stock quantity, simply click  to receive full quantity as in the receipt.

To receive only partial of incoming stock quantity, change the Quantity to the amount that you are receiving this shipment. For example, the supplier only deliver 5 units of Paper on this delivery, so you may change the Quantity to 5 then click . A new backorder receipt will be automatically created for the outstanding stock to be received or delivered.

Form view of transferred order.

The Stock Move section shows the product and quantity you had received this shipment. The stage of the receipt will move to .