How does automatic stock reordering works?

In order for the system to automatically reorder stock for products that has fallen below its Reordering Rule Minimum Quantity, there are 3 settings that needs to be setup:

  1. Specify a Supplier for the product. Please see Creating a Product.
  2. Set Product Type for the product as Stockable Product. Please see Creating a Product.
  3. Create Reordering Rule for the product.

How does it work?

When you Run Scheduler or the backend scheduler process runs during midnight, the following happens:

  1. Backend process runs through all reordering rules.
  2. Check if products' forecasted quantity falls below reordering rule minimum quantity.
  3. If falls below, generate a request for quotation for the first supplier in product.

The request for quotation generated is only a draft and not yet sent via email to supplier. You may edit and change the supplier. From this point onwards, you can  in the request for quotation to convert it into a purchase order.