Creating a new quotation

Go to Sales -> Sales -> Quotations ->

Quotation can also be created directly from a opportunity by clicking on 


Fields to fill

  • Customer [Mandatory]
  • Invoice Address [Mandatory]
  • Delivery Address [Mandatory]
  • Date [Mandatory]
  • Reference/Description
  • Pricelist [Mandatory]

Order Lines

Click on the Add an item to add a new line to the order.

  • Product
    • Choose from the list of products for quotation
    • Description [Will be auto filled from product]
    • Quantity
    • Unit Price 
      • Will be auto filled from product selling price
      • You can overwrite the selling price
    • Cost Price
      • Will be auto filled from product cost price. This field is for indicative calculation of Margin below. This let the user know what is the profit margin for this quotation. User can re-adjust the unit price and the margin will be updated accordingly.
    • Taxes
      • Tax applicable for the product.
      • By default, GST in singapore for sale of goods will be SR. 7%
    • Discount
      • Discount by percentage to be given for the customer for the particular product.
    • Subtotal
      • Value will be updated accordingly.
  • Margin 
    • A indicative value of the profit margin for this quotation. This is auto calculated based on the difference between the Unit price and Cost Price for all order lines.
  • Delivery Method
    • Delivery Method is defined in the Warehouse module. Refer to Delivery Method
    • Once a delivery method is selected, click on 
    • The delivery charges will be included in the quotation

  • Terms and conditions.
    • Include your Terms and conditions in the quotation.