Updating stages of opportunity

Go to Sales -> Sales -> Opportunities to view your opportunity.

As you proceed with your follow up with your customer, the opportunity will move across stages to indicate the progress.

The system provides a simple opportunity stages for your tracking.

  • New
    • A new prospect for your company.
    • When a lead is converted to opportunity, it will fall in the New stage.
  • Qualification
    • Prospect has a need and budget for your products. 
    • Prospect is actively sourcing and evaluating options
  • Proposition
    • Formal proposal is in the process or have been delivered to the customer.
  • Negotiation
    • Both sides are working through the pricing, term and conditions and other aspects of the proposal.
  • Win
    • Agreement has been signed. Normally, the sales order has been approved and signed.
  • Lost
    • The opportunity is dead.

To move the opportunity to the next stage,

  • At the Kanban view, you can drag and drop the opportunity across the stages

Drag and Drop the oppportunity

  • At the form view, you will see the stages on the top right hand of the view. You can clicked on the stage directly to move the opportunity over.