Arranging meeting for opportunity

Go to Sales -> Sales -> Opportunities to view your opportunity

To arrange for a meeting, click on   on the top right hand of the form.

The view will change to a calendar view.

Click on the date to arrange for the meeting.

Fields to Fill

  • Meeting Subject [Mandatory]
  • Attendees
  • Meeting Details
    • Starting at
    • Ending at
    • All Day
    • Tags
    • Reminders
      • Notif: This is a system pop up window. You must be accessing the system in order to receive the notification
      • Email: System will send out a email reminder.
    • Location
    • Description
  • Options
    • Recurrent
      • Repeat Every
        • Day
        • Week
        • Month
        • Year
      • Until
        • Number of repetitions
        • End date
    • Privacy
      • Public
      • Private
      • Public for Employees
    • Show Time as
      • Free
      • Busy

Once saved, the number will indicate the total number of meeting arranged for this opportunity.