About Opportunity

The system helps you keep track of your sales pipeline to follow up potential sales and better forecast your future revenues.

You will be able to plan meetings from opportunities, convert them into quotations, attach related documents and track all discussions.

When you access the opportunities page, a nice Kanban view will provide you a very clear overview picture of all your opportunities.

The system provides a simple opportunity stages for your tracking.

  • New
    • A new prospect for your company.
    • When a lead is converted to opportunity, it will fall in the New stage.
  • Qualification
    • Prospect has a need and budget for your products. 
    • Prospect is actively sourcing and evaluating options
  • Proposition
    • Formal proposal is in the process or have been delivered to the customer.
  • Negotiation
    • Both sides are working through the pricing, term and conditions and other aspects of the proposal.
  • Win
    • Agreement has been signed. Normally, the sales order has been approved and signed.
  • Lost
    • The opportunity is dead.