Converting Leads to Opportunity

Once you have qualify a lead, the lead can be converted into a business opportunity and/or a new customer in your address book.

Go to Go to Sales -> Sales -> Leads to access your lead

To qualify the Lead, simply click on


  • Conversion Action
    • Convert to opportunity
      • By default, if the leads is from a new customer this option will be chosen to convert the lead to opportunity
    • Merge with existing opportunities
      • System will determine if there are other leads or opportunities that is from the same customer. If found, the system will suggest this option and show the list of opportunities and leads that can be combine.
      • Or you can ignore this option and choose the first option Convert to opportunity.

  • Salesperson
    • To assign the lead to a sale person for follow up.
  • Related Customer
    • Link to existing customer
      • If the customer is already in the customer list, this option will be chosen by default. The customer to link will also be chosen.
      • You can change the customer to link manually from the list.

    • Create a new customer
      • If the customer is not found in the list, this option will be chosen by default.
      • After you convert the lead to opportunity, the system will automatically create a customer entity based on the information in the lead.
    • Do not link to a customer
      • This option is not recommended. It allow you to move the lead to opportunity without linking to a customer entity.

Once you have selected your options, click on 

The lead will be move to opportunity for your next follow up.