About Deduplicate Contacts

Deduplicate Contacts is a tool for you to clean up your customers database. The tool will search through the database based on your search criteria and provide suggestions for you to merge them.

Go to Sales -> Tools -> Deduplicate Contacts

Search duplicates based on duplicated data in:
Choose one or more of the following option to look for duplicates. 

  • Email
  • Name
  • Is Company
  • Parent Company

Exclude contacts having

  • A user associated to the contact
    • A user refer to a login account to the system. If the contact is tied to a login in user account, it will not appear in the search result


  • Maximum of Groups of Contacts
    • This is to limit the total search result. Every duplicates found are consolidated in a group.Therefore this option limits the result found.

After you made your selection, click on 

  • Groups of Contacts shows the total results from the search filter.

The result view will show the group one at a time. If you do not wish to merge this group, click on 

  • Destination Contact is the contact which all the rest of the contacts will merge into.
    • The system will combine the fields together but taking destination contact as the main contact.
    • Any conflict in field, the value will be taken from the main contact
  • Result List
    • The list show the result from the search filter which is suggested for merge. You can remove the contact from the merge by removing it or you can add other contact manually from the customer database manually.

To merge the contacts, click on