Leads and Opportunities can be customized to have various stages for better tracking for the sales process.

For more information on Leads, please refer to About Leads 
For more information on Opportunities, please refer to About Opportunites

Our system provided a basic set of stages which covers a typical sales process. Apart from the stages the system provided, user can customized and have their own stages.

Go Sales -> Configuration -> Leads & Opportunities -> Stages

At this page, you can customized your stages.
* Note: Do not change Won or Lost Stage in the Opportunity.

Fields to fill

  • Stage Name [Mandatory]
  • Sequence
    • The numbering determine the sequence of stages. The stages will be in ascending order from the sequence number.
  • Type
    • Lead
      • Stage appear in Lead only
    • Opportunity
      • Stage appear in Opportunity only
    • Both
      • Stage will appear in both Lead and Opportunity
  • Probability
    • Closing Probablity of the opportunity.
  • Folded in Kanban View
    • Default if the column is expanded or folded in the Kanban view.
    • See below. Won and Lost are set with Folded option.

  • Change Probability Automatically
    • System to change the probability of the opportunity automatically when the stage changes.
  • Requirement
    • Description of the stages.