Creating a Calls For Bids

Go to Purchases-> Purchase -> Calls for Bids -> 

  • Call for bids Reference
  • Source Document
  • Responsible
  • Bid Selection Type
    • Select only on RFQ (exclusive)
      • On the confirmation of a purchase order, it cancels the remaining purchase order.
    • Select multiple RFQ
      • It allows multiple purchase orders. On confirmation of a purchase order it does not cancel the remaining orders.
  • Mutiple RFQ per supplier
    • Allow multiple RFQ to be send to a supplier
  • Bid Submission Deadline
  • Scheduled Ordering Date
  • Schedule Date
    • Expected date to receive the products
  • Source Document
  • Products
    • State the list of products for Calls for Bids
  • Requests for Quotation
    • If you have not confirm the Call for bids by clicking on the , do not add any RFQ at this stage.
  • Terms and Conditions

To save the information, Click on  .

To continue, click on 

At this point, the Call for Bids is Confirmed and you can send individual RFQ to each supplier for their quotation.

To send RFQ to your supplier, click on 

Choose the supplier in which the RFQ is for, then proceed with Create Request for Quotation. A new entry will be created under the RFQ section. 

A RFQ will be created by the system with the Bids details.

At this point:

  • You can click on the RFQ line to look at the details of the RFQ.
  • Or use the shortcut  to 
    • Cancel the RFQ
    • Confirm the RFQ
    • Send RFQ by Email to the supplier


Click on . You will see the filtered list of RFQ related to this Call For Bid.

Else, if you go the Request for Quotation page, you will notice the RFQ are also in the list.

Once you have received all the quotation from your suppliers, you can close the Call For Bids by clicking on the .

At this point, the Call for Bids is at Bid Selection Stage, waiting for your confirmation on which supplier to choose.

Click on  to choose the supplier for the bids.

You will first be required to choose the Supplier who won the bid by confirming the order. Click on  at the supplier line to confirm their bid.

Once the supplier is confirmed, you can generate the confirmation PO by clicking on 

At this stage, you have reached the end of Call For Bids.