Creating a User

System Users are accounts that allow a user to access and use the system.

Note: System User is different from a Employee. When you create a employee, that employee cannot use the system unless a system user account is given to him.

Go to Human Resources -> Human Resources -> System Users

To create a new user, click on  

  • Name 
  • Email Address
    • Email Address will also be used as the login id
  • Phone
  • Mobile
  • Active
    • If this is disabled, the account will be suspended and hidden.
  • Groups
    • Groups define the main access rights for the account.
    • Groups are separated into the main module.
      • Accounts
      • HR
      • Purchases
      • Sales
      • Warehouse
    • Within each module, there is a manager and non-managerial access rights.

If a user is belongs to a group, it will have access to that module.

A manager rights will hv more access to that module. A manager will have the ability to setup or change the configuration.
Sales Manager will be able to see all Leads/Opportunities for the company. A sales personel can only see his/her own leads.
Note: A manager access rights is required for leave approval.

After the account is setup, a email will be send automatically to the user. The email will require him to set a password and he will be able to access the system with the rights given.