Creating a IR8A AIS Text File

Go to Human Resources -> Payroll -> IR8A AIS Text Files then click .

IR8A AIS text file form (upper part)

  • Title
  • Year
    • Select any day within the year for this IR8A Auto-inclusion text file. Only the year is taken into consideration, therefore day and month doesn't matter.
  • Company
    • Select the company you are submitting for.
  • Authorised Person
    • The details for this person will appear in IR8A AIS text file and IR8A Forms.
  • Name of Division/Branch
    • Automatically populated when Authorised Person is chosen.

IR8A AIS text file form (lower part)

To include employees in the IR8A AIS text file, click on "Add an item" at Employees section.

Add Employee to IR8A AIS text file

Select employee at Employee field then fields below will automatically populate. However, you are still strongly recommended to check through all fields to ensure the numbers are correct. Some fields require manual data entry. These fields are:

  1. Date of declaration of bonus
  2. Date of approval of directors fees
  3. Period of Gross Commission payment From date
  4. Period of Gross Commission payment To date
  5. Pension
  6. Basis of arriving at the Loss of Office Compensation
  7. Approval obtained from IRAS
  8. Date of approval
  9. Reason for Loss of Office Compensation
  10. Length of Service
  11. Name of fund for Retirement benefits
  12. Retirement benefits accrued up to 31.12.92
  13. Retirement benefits accrued from 1993
  14. Contributions made by employer to any pension / provident fund constituted outside Singapore
  15. Excess / voluntary contribution to CPF by employer
  16. Gains and profits from share options for S10 (1)(b)
  17. Gains & Profit from Share Options For S10 (1)(g)
  18. Benefits-in-kind
  19. Value of benefits-in-kinds
  20. Employee Income Tax borne by employer
  21. Fixed Amount of income tax liability for which tax borne by employee
  22. Employees voluntary contribution to CPF obligatory by contract of employment (overseas posting)
  23. Section 45 applicable
  24. Cessation Provisions
  25. Form IR8S
  26. Exempt/ Remission income Indicator
  27. Exempt Income/Income subject to Tax Remission
  28. Name of Designated Pension or Provident Fund for which employee made compulsory contribution

When done adding employee, click  or .  

Click  to save this IR8A AIS text file record without generating a text file yet.  

Before you generate the text file, click  to calculate the totals.

When all is ready and good, click on  then a txt file will be downloaded via your browser. You may then upload the text file to IRAS for Auto-inclusion. After original text file is generated, the stage will move to .

Note: Only Simplicity HR Manager has the access rights to create and edit IR8A AIS text file records.