Creating Employee Payslips Batch

Go to Human Resources -> Payroll -> Payslips Batches, then click on .

Payslips Batches form

  • Name
    • Enter a descriptive name to identify this payslips batch. A good suggestion would be to use the current month and year.
  • Period
    • This will be automatically populated with the current month.

Then click on  for the popup dialog as shown below.

Generate Payslips popup dialog (to select Employees)

From the above popup dialog, click on "Add an item" and select the employees you want to generate payslips for as shown in screenshot below.

Select Employees form (popup dialog)

To select multiple employees, tick the adjacent checkbox to employees then click . To select only one employee, simply click on the name. If you wish to remove any employees, click on the  icon.

Then click  to mass generate payslips for the employees selected.

You can check the Salary Computation for each employee by clicking on the payslip record in payslips batches form as shown in first screenshot.