Creating a Employee Payslip

Go to Human Resources -> Payroll -> Employee Payslips, then click on .

Employee Payslip form (with payslip items computed)

  • Employee
    • Select the employee you are generating this payslip for.
  • Period
    • The period is automatically filled for this current month. You may change this.
  • Contract
    • Contract will be automatically filled if the selected employee has a contract with Duration covering Period.
  • Reference
  • Structure
    • Structure will be automatically filled according to Contract.
  • Payslip Name
    • A default format of payslip name will be automatically populated. You may change this.

If you have any additional inputs for this payslip, enter it in Additional Inputs tab. For example: employee is given Incentive Allowance for this month good performance, you will create an item in Additional Inputs stating "Incentive Allowance" as Item. See screenshot below for illustration.

Additional Inputs for a payslip (example on entering Incentive Allowance)

Note: If any of additional input is already defined in Contract, the amount from Contract and Additional Inputs will be sum up as a total. For example: Incentive Allowance $100 in Contract and Incentive Allowance $100 in Additional Inputs will appear as Incentive Allowance $200 in payslip.

The items listed in Salary Computation tab are defined in Structure. See About Contracts for more details.

If the employee has no contract with Duration covering Period, nothing will be listed in Salary Computation tab.

With Employee, Contract and Structure populated, click on  to generate the items in Salary Computation tab.

When you are certain that the payslip is correct, click  to confirm the payslip. Alternatively, click on  to save this payslip without confirming.

Note: After you have  a payslip, you cannot edit it anymore.  Only Simplicity HR Manager has the access rights to create employee payslip.