Entering Employee Additional Wages

Go to Human Resources -> Payroll -> Employee Additional Wages -> Periods and locate any existing period that covers what you need.

Additional Wages Period form

For example: You are entering for employee Bernard Tan with an additional wages $2000 for March 2015.

You will check in Employee Additional Wages -> Periods and try to locate any period that covers "From" 01/03/2015 "To" 31/03/2015.

If existing period found (as shown in screenshot above), click into the record then click  then "Add an item". A popup dialog as shown in screenshot below will appear.

Popup dialog to enter individual employee's additional wages for a period

  • Employee
    • From the dropdown, select the employee for the additional wages.
  • Amount
    • Enter the additional wages amount.
  • Period
    • Select the period for this additional wages.

If you have more employees' additional wages to enter, click on , otherwise . Then click .


If no existing period found, click .

Additional Wages Period form

  • Name
    • Enter a descriptive name for this period.
  • From
    • Select the 1st day of the month period. Example: 01/03/2015 or 01/12/2014.
  • To
    • Select the last day of the month period. Example: 31/03/2015 or 31/12/2014.

Then click .

Then follow the instructions in the above section "If existing period found".