Generating CPF Text File

Go to Human Resources -> Payroll -> CPF Text Files, then click on .

Generate CPF Text File form

  • Title
    • Preferrably enter the month-year as the title.
  • Month Year
    • Only the month and year of the selected date is in consideration. Day is ignored.
  • Employees Payslips
    • Select the employees' payslip to be declared in the CPF text file for e-submission.

To remove a employee's payslip, click on  .

When you are done, click  to generate CPF text file. A text file will be generated and downloaded via your browser. Press Esc key on keyboard to close the popup dialog. You may now submit the downloaded text file to CPF Board via electronic means.

Note: Only Simplicity HR Manager has the access rights to create and generate CPF Text Files. You may add or remove employees' payslips and repeatedly generate the text file more than once.