Submitting a Leave Request as a Manager

Go to Human Resources -> Leaves -> Leave Request then click on the day cell that you wish to create a leave request.

Note: Submitting leave request as a Simplicity Manager will enable more fields for you to fill so you can mass apply leave for a group of employees using the Employee Tag Mode.

The leave request form will appear in a popup dialog as shown below.

Leave Request form (By Employee Mode)

Leave Request form (By Employee Tag Mode)

  • Description
    • Enter the reason for applying this leave request
  • Leave Type
  • Duration
    • Specify the leave request start and end date with AM/PM
    • The smallest granularity of a leave request is half day. Example: 11/2/2015 AM to 11/2/2015 PM would compute as 0.50 days.
    • The days computation below is automatic and is capable of avoiding weekend, public holidays and/or employee off days. This depends on whether these options are enabled in the Leave Type selected.
  • Mode
    • By Employee: To apply only for a specified employee.
    • By Employee Tag: To apply for all employees in a employee tag.
  • Employee (If Mode is By Employee)
    • Specify the employee to apply for.
  • Employee Tag (If Mode is By Employee Tag)
    • Specify the employee tag to apply for all employees in that tag.
  • First Approver (If Mode is By Employee Tag)
  • Second Approver (If Mode is By Employee Tag and Apply Double Validation enabled for leave type selected)
  • Department
    • Automatically filled if employee has Department specified.  No user input required.

When you are done, click on  to submit this leave request.