Creating a Contract

Go to Human Resources -> Human Resources -> Contracts then click on .

Contracts form

  • Contract Reference
    • Enter a description or reference note that describes this contract. It could be the Employee's name.
  • Employee
    • Select the employee for this Contract. Logically, there is only 1 employee for 1 contract, thus Contracts cannot be shared among employees. Every contract is unique to a employee.
  • Job Title
    • Optional field. It will automatically be populated if you have beforehand defined Job Title for the employee at the Employee form.
  • Wage
    • Enter the monthly or periodic wages that this employee will receive. Typically monthly wages or basic wages for commission based employees. The wages specified will be Ordinary Wages item in payslip for CPF contributions calculations.
  • Salary Structure
    • Select "Base (Singapore)". This salary structure consists of CPF contributions items, localized to Singapore context.
  • Duration
    • Leave the end date blank if the leaving date is unknown for this employee. Otherwise specifying a end date will determine whether this contract will be used if Duration covers the payslip Period
  • Scheduled Pay
    • Select the frequency this contract will be used for periodic salary.

Recurring Allowances tab

  • Item
    • Choose the recurring allowance from the dropdown. This item will appear as a individual item in employee's payslips.
  • Description
    • This field will automatically be filled with the name of Item. Optionally you may change description.
  • Amount
    • Enter the amount for this allowance.

Note: All item ending with "Allowance" in name will add on top of Ordinary Wages item as a sum for Ordinary Wages in CPF contributions calculation. All recurring allowances will appear in every of a employee's payslips.

Click  to create this contract.

Note: Only Simplicity HR Manager has the rights to create Contracts.