Creating Employee Tag

There are 2 ways to create a employee tag.

Method 1:  To create it before mapping to a employee, go to Human Resources -> Configuration -> Employee Tags, then click on .

Employee Tags list view

Create employee tag form

  • Employee Tag
    • Enter a name for the new employee tag
  • Parent Employee Tag
    • Meant just for creating a hierarchy structure. If you create a leave allocation request on the parent employee tag, it does not propagate to its children tags.

To create tag, click .


Method 2: To create a employee tag on the fly; in the create employee form, simply enter the name of the new employee tag in the "Tags" field. See screenshot below.

Auto-suggest Tags dropdown in create employee form

The Tags field is capable of showing existing tag that contains the characters you entered.

Suggestive results containing characters "pro"

You can create the new tag by clicking on Create "Technician" in the dropdown.  The tag will be created on the fly.

Note: Tag is confirm created the moment you clicked on Create "[new tag]". You do not need to click .