Creating a Product

Go to Sales -> Products -> Products-> 

Product Form

On hand: indicates the actual physical amount of stock in warehouse. Real amount of stock on hand.

Forecasted: is a sum calculated from On hand + Incoming stock - Outgoing stock.


  • Product Name
  • Can be Sold
    • Specify if the product can be selected in sales order
  • Can be Expensed
    • Specify if the product can be selected in the HR expense
  • Can be Purchased
    • Specify if the product can be selected in the purchase order
  • Product Type
    • Stockable Product
      • Set the product as Stockable Product if you want the system to keep track of the inventory. System will flag warning during sale if no stock is available.
      • This form as part of the requirement for automatic stock reordering to work.
    • Consumable
      • Set the product as Consumable if you do not want the system to keep track of inventory directly. The system will always assume that stock is always available.
    • Service
      • Service product are services which you provide and charged in the sales order.
  • Sale Price
    • Default selling price of the product
  • Active
  • EAN13 Barcode
  • Internal Reference
  • Description


  • Cost Price
    • The cost price from supplier. This is just a rough default price to be populated in purchase order. You can change this cost price at the purchase order when the supplier reply your request for quotation with a confirm cost price.
  • Suppliers
  • Description for Suppliers
    • The message you enter here will appear in request for quotation to suppliers.


  • Stock and Expected Variations
    • Quantity On Hand
      • This show the current amount in your inventory.
      • Update - Update allow you to increase the inventory number directly without going through the purchase process.
    • Incoming
      • This show the expected number coming into your inventory. This number is trigger from the Purchase Order.
      • Request Procurement - This will trigger a RFQ in the purchase module. 
        Note: The RFQ will not appear in the purchase module immediately. The system will consolidate all the requests and trigger them on the next day. If you require the RFQ immediately.
        You can Run Schedulers to force the system to process the request.
    • Quantity Available
      • This is the eventual quantity if all delivery orders and receipts are processed eventually.
      • To know the actual quantity in warehouse, see Quantity On Hand.
  • Storage Location
    • Rack
    • Row
    • Case
  • Weights
    • Volume
    • Gross Weight
    • Net Weight


  • Warranty
  • Customer Lead Time
  • Description


Add different variants for a same product. Please refer to Attribute and Attributes Values for more information.

To set different prices for each Variant, click on  

Enter the value on Attribute Price Extra. The value is additional amount on top of the Sale Price. For example, White shows that is cost $20 higher than the normal sales price.

List of Variants show the total no. of variant based on the variant set. By default, there will always be 1 variant if not variants is set.


  • Internal Category
    • Set the category of the product
  • Customer Taxes
    • Set the default sale tax to apply
  • Supplier Taxes
    • Set the default purchase tax to apply