Creating a Customer / Supplier

Go to Sales -> Sales -> Customers -> 

Customer Form

  • Is a Company? 
    • A customer entry can be a company entity or a person entity.
    • With a company entity, you can assign multiple person entity under its contacts.
    • This option will toggle the form in the the customer view.
  • Name [Mandatory]
  • Address
  • Website
  • Company UEN 
    • Company Registered Number
  • Job Position
    • Appear only to a person entity
  • Phone
  • Mobile
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Title
  • Internal Notes

Sales and Purchases

  • Salesperson
    • To assign a sales person as the default account holder.
  • Contact Reference
  • Language
  • Date
  • Customer 
    • If you want this contact to be a customer, check this option
  • Supplier
    • If you want this contact to be a supplier, check this option
  • Active
    • To deactivate this contact. If you need to delete a contact, it is better to deactivate it instead.
  • Opt-Out
    • If opt-out is checked, this contact has refused to receive emails for mass mailing and marketing campaign.
  • Sale Pricelist
    • Customize pricelist for this customer
  • Purchase Pricelist
    • Customize pricelist for this supplier

Payment Follow-up

Payment Follow-up is a section which shows all the outstanding invoices which the customer has currently. From this page, you could print out a overdue payments note or email to the customer directly for a payment reminder.

  • Follow-up Responsible
    • Assign the person in your company to be responsible for the follow up
  • Next Action
    • Set a next action date and add a note to it
  • Customer Payment Promise
    • A description of any promise made by the customer regarding the payment.


This section shows the general accounting setup for the customer.

  • Customer Payment Term
    • Set the default Payment Term for the customer
  • Total Receivable
    • Shows the current total receivable amount from the customer
  • Supplier Payment Term
    • Set the default Payment Term if this customer is also a supplier
  • Total Payable
    • Shows the current total payable amount to the customer

To save the information, Click on