Types of view

There are 4 major types of view in the system.

List View

List view is primarily used to display multiple records in one screen. It is also capable of editing record in view, but that depends on whether editing is enabled in list view. It is also used to print report (if available), deleting multiple records in one go.

Form View

Form view is primarily used to edit a single record, to display more information about a single record and also, printing of report (if available), deleting and duplicating the record.

Form view in edit mode

Upon clicked on , form view goes into edit mode. Fields highlighted in blue are mandatory fields. You cannot  the record if any mandatory field is empty.

Calendar View

Records with specific date time field are shown in a calendar. Clicking on an event in a day cell will open up a form view for editing. Click on the white space in a day cell will open up a blank form view for creating a new record. On the right hand side, there are filters in checkboxes to alter what appears in the calendar.

Kanban View

Kanban view is a graphical display of records in a grid format.  Clicking on a kanban will open up the record in form view. In each kanban, depending on what is necessary to be shown in a glance, there may be badges or content with numbers to convey quick information.