Creating Supplier Refund

Instead of creating the supplier refund manually, you can generate refunds and reconcile them directly from the related supplier invoice.

Go to Accounting -> Suppliers -> Supplier Refunds -> 

  • Supplier
  • Source Document
  • Supplier Invoice Number
  • Payment Reference
  • Invoice Date
    • By default will be the current date if no date is set.
  • Due Date
  • Permit No
    • Cargo clearance Permit Number
  • Currency
  • Invoice Lines
    • Select the products for the invoice
      • Quantity
      • Unit Price
        • By default, it will be the cost price stated in the product.
      • Discount
        • You can define a discount by percentage for each item.
      • Taxes
        • If any, taxes apply. You can define the default tax in the Product.
  • Additional Information

  • Responsible
  • Payment Terms

To save the information, Click on  

Stages of Invoice:

  • Draft
    • Draft status is used when the user is encoding a new and unconfirmed refund 
  • Open
    • From draft, click on 
    • When the refund is Validated, the refund will be in Open Stage. At this point, the refund will be waiting for payment.
    • Note: Once a refund is Validated, you cannot make any changes to the refund. The system is expecting the full amount to be paid eventually. If there is any changes to the amount, you will have to create a new invoice or refund.

  • Paid
    • Once you got your refund from your supplier, you can click on  to register the payment made.
    • Supplier
      • Auto complete with the refund supplier
    • Paid Amount
      • By default it will be the full amount based on the current refund.
      • However, it is also possible to register partial payment.
      • When a partial payment is made, the refund remains open and the remaining amount is shown as the balance.
      • You can register another payment again till the full amount is fulfilled and the invoice will be closed with status Paid.
    • Payment Method
      • Bank
      • Cash
    • Date
    • Payment Ref
    • Memo