How do I change the details in an invoice?


If your invoice is at  stage, simply click  to change the desired details then click

If your invoice is at  or  stage then you cannot edit the invoice. You would need to refund the invoice then re-create the invoice to change its details. Follow the instructions below to change an invoice:

  1. Click on .
  2. Choose option "Modify: create refund, reconcile and create a new draft invoice" in the popup dialog and provide a Reason.
  3. Click .
  4. A refund invoice will be automatically created in  state.
  5. Go to Accounting -> Customers -> Customer Invoices and locate the new draft invoice for the customer containing the same details as the previously refunded invoice. Usually its the top most invoice in the list.
  6. Click  and make the changes in the invoice then click  when you are done.

Note: Please take note that the invoice number will change if you perform a refund and re-create the invoice.