Follow-up Levels

To remind customers of paying their invoices, you can define different actions depending on how severely overdue the customer is. These actions are bundled into follow-up levels that are triggered when the due date of an invoice has passed a certain number of days. If there are other overdue invoices for the same customer, the actions of the most overdue invoice will be executed.

Every company will only have one payment follow-up policy.

Go to Accounting -> Configuration -> Follow-Up -> Follow-up Levels

Add an item Or Click on the existing Follow-Up Action to make changes

  • Follow-Up Action
    • Description of the action
  • Days
    • Set how many days after the due date will this action be execute
  • Manual Action
    • Assign a Responsible
      • Assign your staff to be responsible for this follow-up level
    • Action To Do
      • Text decribing the manual action required by the responsible staff.

If you go to Customer view, Payment Follow-Up tab, Responsible and Action to Do will be generated by the system upon running the checks.

  • Send an Email
    • A email will be send if the condition is statisfy during the Payment Follow-Up check.
    • Email Template
      • Chose a Email Template according to the follow-up level you defined.
  • Send a Letter
    • A PDF will be available for downloand and print if the condition is statisfy during the Payment Follow-Up check.
    • Letter Template
      • Write your own letter according to the Follow-Up Level you defined.

To save the information, Click on  .

To run the Payment Follow-Up checks, go to Accounting -> Payment Follow-Up -> Send Letters and Emails