Processing Waiting Availability Delivery Orders and Receipts

Go to Warehouse -> Operations -> All Operations.

Graph view of Receipts and Delivery Orders

For explanation on the links in the boxes, please see About Delivery Orders and Receipts.

In the following example, we will process delivery order. Therefore, all Transfers are sending stock.

Usually, you will click on Ready link to process receipt.

List view of Waiting Availability orders to process

Click on the delivery order that you want to process.

Form view of delivery order

Click on  to make system check if there is enough stock On Hand to fulfil this delivery order.


If there is enough stock to deliver, the stage of the delivery order will be at .

Click  to process this delivery order. A popup dialog will appear as shown below.

Transfer popup dialog

To deliver the full stock quantity, simply click  to deliver full quantity as in the delivery order.

To deliver only partial of stock quantity, change the Quantity to the amount that you are delivering this shipment. For example, you only deliver 3 units of Paper on this delivery, so you may change the Quantity to 3 then click . A new backorder delivery order will be automatically created for the outstanding stock to be delivered.

Form view of transferred order.

The Stock Move section shows the product and quantity you had delivered this shipment. The stage of the receipt will move to .


If there is only enough stock for partial fulfilment, the stage of the delivery order will move to .

You have 3 options to process this delivery order.

1) Click  to make system check again if on hand stock is enough to completely fulfil this delivery order.

2) Click  to force the system to move the stage of delivery order to  despite not enough stock on hand to deliver. Then follow the steps at section "If there is enough stock to deliver".

3) Click  to deliver whatever stock is on hand for this delivery order. A new backorder delivery order will be automatically created for the outstanding undelivered stock. Follow the steps at section "To deliver only partial of stock quantity".


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