Creating a opportunity

Go to Sales -> Sales -> Opportunities -> 

Fields To Fill

  • Subject [Mandatory]
  • Expected Revenue
    • An estimation of the potential value of the opportunity
    • This will be useful for the sales forecast
  • %
    • Closing Probablity of the opportunity
    • The probabilty depends on the stages it fall into. The system has already allocated the probabilty to all the stages. You do not have to change the value.
      • New - 0%
      • Qualification - 20%
      • Proposition - 40%
      • Negotiation - 60%
      • Won - 100%
      • Lost - 0%
  • Customer
    • Browse for a existing customer in your customer list. If found, the form will be auto filled with the customer details.
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Salesperson
  • Next Action
    • To set a follow up action and date. This will move the opportunity to the date in the calendar view.
  • Expected Closing
    • Set a estimated closing date
  • Priority
    • A visual marker for you to differentiate the different customers.
  • Tag
    • Classify and analyze your opportunity categories.
  • Internal Notes


  • Customer Name
  • Address
  • Contact Name
  • Function
  • Mobile
  • Fax
  • Marketing
    • Campaign
      • This is a name that helps you keep track of your different campaign efforts. 
    • Channel
      •  Method of delivery
    • Source
      • This is the source of the link
  • Misc
    • Active
      • To deactivate this lead. If you need to delete a lead, it is better to deactivate it instead.
    • Referred By
  • References 

To save the information, Click on  

Wong Wai Jeat
Wong Wai Jeat
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Asked on 2/12/15, 4:26 AM
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