Creating a new employee

Go to Human Resources -> Human Resources -> Employees -> 

  • Name
  • Tags
    • Used in leave allocation request to mass allocate (increase) leave to employees in the specified tag. Example: Allocate 14 Legal Leave days to all employees in tag "Technicians".
  • Work Email
  • Work Phone

  • Working Address
  • Work Mobile
  • Office Location
  • Related User
    • Select a User to link this employee to a User account.
    • Note: A employee may not necessarily have a User account to access the system and vice versa.
      • With a Related User account, the employee will have a user account to access the system.
  • Department
    • Used during double approval for leave request to determine second approver if double approval path selected is "Department Manager".
    • Will be automatically populated in Department field when creating a Leave Request.
    • [Todo] Used in Employee Payslip for Department Manager to generate subordinates' payslips.
  • Job Title
  • Manager
    • Required when creating leave request and allocation request to determine approver.
    • If leave request has double approval, this will be the first approver.
  • Other Information

  • Nationality
    • If not Singapore, Non Citizenship Status becomes mandatory. Non Citizenship Start Date appears optional.
  • Non Citizenship Status
    • Affects CPF contribution and foreign worker levy calculation.
  • Non Citizenship Start Date
    • Affects CPF contribution for Permanent Residents.
  • Identification No
  • Passport No
  • Bank Account Number
  • Other Id
  • Home Address
    • Used in IRAS Auto-inclusion scheme
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Race
    • Affects the auto calculation of ethnic group donations. For example, CDAC, MBMF.
  • Increase donation to [ethnic group body]?
    • If checked, [ethnic group body] donation amount field will appear.
  • Opt-out of donation to [ethnic group body]?
  • [Ethnic group body] donation amount
  • Donate ot SHARE Programme via CPF Board
    • Check if employee wants to do voluntary donation to Community Chest.
    • If checked, SHARE programme donation amount field will appear
  • SHARE programmer donation amount
  • Date of Birth
    • Affects CPF contribution calculation

  • Remaining Legal Leaves
    • Total of all remaining leave days in leave type that is not "Allow to Override Limit". To understand what "Allow to Override Limit" is all about, see Creating a new leave type.
  • Off days
    • A fixed setting of which day of week this employee is off.
    • You can manage the list of Employee Off Days from Human Resources -> Configuration.
  • Active
    • If this is unchecked, this employee record still resides in system database but it would not be selected for any transaction.
  • Join Date
    • Used in CPF contribution, foreign worker levy calculation and IR8A thus mandatory.
    • Specify the date the employee commence or rejoin.
    • Affects employee payslip, IR8A, foreign worker levy and CPF contribution calculations.
  • Leave Date
    • Used in CPF contribution, foreign worker levy calculation and IR8A, however not mandatory.
    • Leave blank if employee is still in employment.
    • Affects employee payslip, IR8A, foreign worker levy and CPF contribution calculations.
  • Capability
    • Affects foreign worker levy calculation.
  • Employment
    • Affects foreign worker levy calculation.


Enter the new employee's information as much as you can then click .

Much of the information required from an employee are used to generate CPF contributions (if Singaporean or PR), Foreign Worker Levy Payment and IR8A reports.


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Aaron Neo Hao Kiat
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This question has been included in the official documentation.

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