New modules! eCommerce and Point-of-sales

Aaron Neo Hao Kiat

New modules! eCommerce and Point-of-sales

SimplicityCoy just got bigger and better!

When SimplicityCoy was created, it was built with benefiting small and medium business in mind. To bring simple to use, affordable and efficient online business system to SMEs and improve their business operations. SimplicityCoy being a purely online business system brings excellent accessibility and collaboration advantage to teams of employees. And because of this online advantage, SimplicityCoy has the potential to handle and reach beyond the boundaries of your office to assist in your online and retail sales.

We are excited to announce the launch of eCommerce and Point-of-sales add-on module for SimplicityCoy!

How will eCommerce benefit my business?

If you are operating any type of business that could sell your products or services over the internet, you will benefit from the extended international sales reach from eCommerce. You can collect payment via PayPal to ensure you get paid and portray a high level of merchant credibility.. The major advantage of SimplicityCoy eCommerce is the integration with crm, inventory and invoicing modules and its online advantage. Online sales flow backwards seamlessly because SimplicityCoy is an integrated online business system, thus saving you productivity hours from manually tracking orders and prevent messing up orders. Your customer service department can easily track orders realtime and every users are always up to date to any orders progression.

How will Point-of-sales benefit my business?

If you are spending time and effort to manually consolidate daily point-of-sales summary reports from your shops or still using the old school modems to transmit reports back to a legacy point-of-sales system, you could save yourself a lot of trouble by using SimplicityCoy Point-of-sales module. Our online Point-of-sales module has the ability to go mobile. With 4G networks the norm in Singapore telecom infrastructure, you simply need an mobile 4G router to use our Point-of-sales online and practically use deploy it anywhere. No stress when the 4G network fails or becomes unstable, the point-of-sales module will continue to function. With the tablet console connected wirelessly to the barcode scanner, printer and cash drawer, retailers can enhance their in-store shopping experience by bringing the checkout to the customer, thus eliminating the space needed for a cashier counter. This will present a VIP and personalized experience to every customer without having them queueing up to pay. At the same time customers can also visually check their order summary on the tablet before paying, saving time and paper.