Itemised Payslip

MOM Guideline for Compulsory Issuance of Itemised Payslip

Wong Wai Jeat

On 13 Jan 2014, MOM had released a new guideline which will require every company in Singapore to issue itemised payslip for her employees. The announcement is made to allow businesses to make preparation before the issuance of payslips becomes a legal requirement within two years. 

You do not have to painstakingly spend many hours itemise everything in every payslips and waste productivity hours.


What you need is SimplicityCoy HR Payroll to make your life much easier. It fulfils MOM guidelines and is SIMPLE to use. Once an employee is setup, you can easily generate itemised payslip for every employee with just a click. Detailed breakdown of items are listed clearly in every payslip.


Other features provided in SimplicityCoy HR are:

  • Generate Form IR8A for your employees.

  • Generate CPF Text File for e-submission.

  • Generate IR8A AIS Text file for IRAS submission.


Try a free trial to use this SIMPLE and wonderful system.


For more information, please refer to MOM official press release.