IRAS Payroll Software Vendor and CPF Rates 2016 Updated

Wong Wai Jeat

As the New Year begins, we are proud to present a few updates to our Human Resources module.

CPF Contribution Rates for year 2016

As part of our services to our valued customers, we have updated our system with the new CPF contribution rates for year 2016.

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IRAS Supporting Payroll Software Vendors

We are proud to be included in IRAS Supporting Payroll Software Vendors list 2016. 

As part of the official vendors list, this clearly indicates that our Human Resource module is continuously improving to bring more features to help our customers.

With our Human Resource module able to generate IR8A file in the required format for IRAS Auto-Inclusion Scheme e-Submission, your human resource can submit the file using the Validation and Submission Application. If you have more than 20 employees, this feature could save you significant amount of productivity time processing payroll.

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Payroll Analysis Report 

At Simplicity Coy, we are constantly working to improve our products and services to better serve all our customers.

Having heard many requests for the need of a payroll report to give management statistics on the amount of money utilised in wages, we are happy to introduce the Payroll Analysis in Reporting module.

Payroll Analysis allows you to build payroll reports in graphs or table format by specifying which fields for row and column, filtering and grouping. This allows you to have free play on building the perfect report straight from SimplicityCoy. You can now analyze payroll for your company based on different factors such as employee, payslip item or period.

User also can download the report you built in Excel (.xls) format if ever having the need to further process the data in a spreadsheet.