How to use our issue tracker

Aaron Neo Hao Kiat

How to use issue tracker

Activate your user account

The project manager at Simplicity Coy will create your user account, then you will receive an email with a link to set your password to activate your account.
By then you should have access to issue tracker to see issues and change requests with regards to your system.
Please let the project manager know if you have not received the email to set your password for In the email, there is a link for you to set your password.

See the project for your system

Please try to login, then click on "Projects" on the left panel. You should see this page and a kanban card for the system that you are involved in.

Depending on how much projects you are involved in, you may see more project cards.

Click on the "Issues" link in a card then see next section.

See issues you are involved in

These are the list of issues that you have access rights to discuss and involved in.

Click on any of the issue then see next section.

Posting a reply for discussion (1/2)

You may post a reply with regards to this issue for discussion in issue tracker. We strongly discourage discussion via email because the information becomes difficult to retrace and read over long thread of emails. With all discussion consolidated in issue tracker, anyone with the relevant access can read up on the historical discussions and get up to speed much faster and efficiently.

To post a reply, click on the [Send a message] link.

Posting a reply for discussion (2/2)

Type your reply in the text box provided then click on [Send].

You can also attach documents or images by clicking on [Attach a File].

Once you click [Send], other followers of this issue will receive an email 

Notification email when someone else posts a reply

When another follower of an issue post a reply, you will receive a notification email containing the message and any attachments.

If you want to post a reply, simply click on the link located at the bottom right of the email and your internet browser will bring you to the issue ticket page.

Ok, so how do I create an issue ticket?

To create an issue ticket, simply send an email with the following details:

  • Write a short and descriptive title for the issue as the email subject,
  • then write a detailed description in the email body,
  • and attach any screenshots or documents you wish to attach into the issue ticket.
Send the email and wait for the project manager to move the issue into the relevant projects. Please note that your new issue will not appear immediately in your project issues until your project manager has moved it.